I've moved to Tumblr, y'all! http://jakfruit.tumblr.com

I notice some of you folks still arrive here one way or another, so I thought I would just let everyone know that I now post all my work to my Tumblr. You can also find me on Instagram, Flickr, etc. under the same username as well!

Since I last posted here, I've moved into my very first apartment in Seattle, started dating a wonderful man (who is also a photographer!), and my darling Bengal cat Ronan has come into my life. That said, I have plenty of new stuff over on my new blog!


Some friends and I went to Foundation Nightclub to see Tritonal a few weeks ago, which was honestly one of the best shows I had ever seen. Definitely in my top 3! Afterwards, we wandered to a Burning Man themed party in SODO filled with colorful people, pretty lights, and electronic music.

I didn’t have my camera present, but luckily I was trucking around with A.J. Apuya that night, who had been photographing the show and had his equipment on hand. He ended up teaching me all his nightlife photography sorcery. I learned a lot, and took some photos I am ridiculously proud of, thanks to him!

More from Anna!

I love shooting with this goofball! Anna wanted a few more traditional-like portraits for her acting head shot as well as some more potential senior pictures for the yearbook. We did a quick shoot yesterday evening at a local park by the sound. I'm stoked I got to photograph her with my new lens this time!

I owe a lot to this little lady. Without her, I doubt my senior portrait season would have been so filled this year!

Caitlin (Class of 2013)

If you can get past the rain and cold, autumn is such a wonderful time of year to shoot lifestyle. I've been drowning in Discovery Park visits all summer long, so I was very pleased to get a last minute senior portrait client in late October. Sunny summer photos are so popular among seniors, but the colors from changing leaves look so much warmer and more beautiful, in my opinion. I took Caitlin to the Arboretum, which is just exceptionally gorgeous scenery for acres this time of year. She was absolutely hilarious and such a natural born model. I love it when senior portraits turn editorial.

Stacy & Weston

My engagement shoot with Stacy and Weston last evening was too amazing! They are such an incredibly gorgeous couple that I felt like I had gotten lost and wandered onto the set of a fashion editorial.

This was definitely one of those shoots where you’re reviewing the photos on your camera’s display throughout the shoot and saying, “Just… No. You’re kidding me.” Not to mention it’s very nice to shoot with two photographers who are completely aware of what looks good in front of the camera.

Almost all of these were taken with my new Canon 135 f/2.0 L. Honestly, what a fantastic lens! I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have thousands to spend. I found mine for 700 dollars used, and it has proven itself to be worth every penny.