Ever since it started gaining a lot of attention on Tumblr a few years back, a lot of folks have been curious about how I made my starry bedroom canopy. So I thought I'd write a quick little 3 step tutorial (because it really is that simple!)

All you’ll need:

  • Two sets of light nets from save-on-crafts or icicle lights, which is what I used here.
  • Two sheets of sheer fabric from a fabric store (measure the length of your bed and add 2-3 feet for the ceiling so you can drape it
  • A box of clear push pins

Using other colors?:
I chose white fabric and lights for a nice, neutral but warm lighting, but you can choose whichever colors you'd like! Just be sure to measure the length of your bed and floor to ceiling beforehand so you know how much you will need. 

Which lights?:

Although I used icicle lights in the picture above, I found the light nets were ultimately a much better option. Icicle lights require significantly more pinning to your ceiling in order for the lights not to dangle (which I suppose could be cool too!), whereas the nets are quick and easy!

How to fasten:

Most light nets or icicle lights will be on a twisted wire, as you can see above. In order to hang, push the clear pin between the twists (NOT the wire! I feel like that's how you get zapped). The twists will hug the pins and keep your lights attached to your ceiling!

Et voila! You're done! And now you have a dreamy canopy